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Coastal Charity Walk FOOT CARE

Right Foot Podiatry has kindly provided some advice regarding blisters. Please click here to view.

Preparing for your Event


  • Use smooth surface, synthetic (CoolMax or Teflon) double layer socks for activities such as running or trail walking. Double-layer socks limit the friction in between the two layers of socks instead of between the skin and the sock.
  • Toe socks avoid blisters forming between the toe.
  • Take spare socks and change them regularly.
  • Avoid wet socks or shoes. If you sweat too much, use antiperspirant deodorant or talcum powder but be careful as talcum powder can become abrasive if it’s used in excessive amounts.


Wearing-in new shoes is very important. Take your time gradually increasing your activities in them, even swap back to your old shoes frequently within the first week. The shoe needs to get used to you but more importantly you need to get used to the shoes.

Your Feet

Remove heavy callus before any activity event that may be above average. A light callus protects your feet from blisters so do not shave off callus excessively. This is best performed by a podiatrist. Condition your feet to their environment. Build up your distance or intensity gradually over weeks or months prior to the event. This is imperative for the skin and also the musculoskeletal system in avoiding injury and overuse. Surgical spirits (Isopropyl Alcohol) can speed up the conditioning of skin to resist friction.

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